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Thank You from Our Grantees

“Being a grassroots group led by family farmers, we always struggle to make ends meet since many larger foundations will not fund our work challenging corporate agribusiness and promoting food sovereignty. So it is especially heartening for our members when we receive support from the likes of the Small Planet Fund.”

— John Peck, Family Farm Defenders

“From its inception in 2002, the Small Planet Fund is representative of the integrity, courage, and activist spirit of the Frances Moore Lappé-Anna Lappé team. The Center for Ecoliteracy is proud to be associated with the Lappés and deeply grateful to be a beneficiary of the Fund. While taking many forms, the vital work of cultural and environmental restoration go hand in hand around the world. The Lappés recognize this, and by designating the Center a core grantee have also conferred the prestige of being among some of the most creative and courageous change-makers of our day.”

— The Center for Ecoliteracy

“As a nonprofit organization working in some of the most isolated parts of Latin America, Africa, and Asia, TransFair USA depends on the support of visionary donors like the Small Planet Fund to make our work possible. Thank you for all that you do to promote uniquely sustainable development.”

— Trans Fair USA

“With the seed money from the Small Planet Fund, Navdanya was able to start the Seeds of Hope campaign in the “suicide belt” of Vidharbha to create freedom for farmers from GMO Bt Cotton, freedom from debt and freedom from suicide. Today farmers of Vidharbha have gone organic and are earning ten times more than the Bt cotton farmers. Thank you.”

— Navdanya